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What is SteriVision?

SteriVision is a full size Kiosk that dispenses free Hand Sanitizer via a deck mount touch free foam sanitizing dispenser in combination with print and digital advertising. We have incorporated a durable brass deck mount foam dispenser that delivers a rich and creamy foam of our NEW NaTrezza Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer that is alcohol and toxic free.

  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • 10 Digital Ad Spots
  • Customer selects static Ad
  • Coupon will appear on screen
  • Coupon (Digital or Printed)
  • Customer driven lead generation
  • Immediate sales lift and product/company awareness.

(Touch Screen)

  • Logo Spot

    Screen One - will be the call to action message that will change between screen one and screen two (every 5 sec or so). “For valuable $$ coupons, please touch Screen” then it will go into Screen Two which has the 10 sponsors.

  • Full Screen Advertisement

    Screen Two - of the 10 sponsored ads and at the top have a header that states again... Please touch the ad of your choice for more information and a valuable discount coupon. This will prompt the customer to touch one of the ads which will lead to screen 3.

  • Coupon

    Screen Three shows the discount coupon/offer. The customer has the option to choose a digital coupon which will be sent to their mobile phone, scan the QR code with smart phone, or enter their mobile phone number to have a bar code sent to their mobile device. For an instant paper coupon the user can select the Print Me Now button.