About SteriLyfe

Who Is SteriLyfe?

SteriLyfe USA is a young and aggressive privately held entrepreneurial company established to promote and champion the act of hand sanitization with our NEW NaTrezza Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer, which is made from Natural Ingredients and is Alcohol Free. We are the leading pioneer in the creation, design, and manufacturing of hand sanitizing/advertising kiosks. Our design and utility patents have given us this leadership position, which will allow us to maintain market dominance for many years to come.

To successfully compete in a saturated hand sanitizing market, SteriLyfe developed the revolutionary and innovative SteriVision Digital Media Network. Through several years of experimentation and testing, our Exclusive and Patented Ad Share Revenue Business Model is a Win/Win for everyone involved and is proving to be wildly successful in today's market. For the 1st time, local businesses can afford to advertise in high traffic retail venues, which has always been the exclusive territory of the retailer’s in-store suppliers/vendors.

It is our goal to provide affordable advertising in high profile/traffic venues for the local business person, which before now has been out of reach and unattainable. We manufacture and assemble our kiosks in the united States. It is our mission to put Americans back to work in our community by keeping our production, sales, marketing, and customer service functions in the Sarasota, Florida area!

Eco-Friendly Kiosks

We are proud to be a part of Aluminium/Steel Recycling to help sustain a more Eco-Friendly World. Every kiosk is made from high-grade recycled aluminum and steel then finished with a very durable powder coat finish.

Made In America

MADE IN AMERICA Putting Americans back to work!